Layton Avery

Hello! My name is Layton Avery.

I'm a software developer and registered respiratory therapist from Mobile, AL working in healthtech. I have been coding since 2021, and I love all things health and medicine. When I'm not building software for hospitals, I can be found baking Southern desserts, reading, and lifting weights.

While working in the hospital setting, I learned many skills such as collaboration, effective communication, attention to detail, and critical thinking. I believe these skills make me an asset to any team. I am currently open to junior software engineer positions. Please feel free to reach out. I'd love to discuss any new opportunities!

Technical Skills

  • JavaScript

  • Node.js

  • GitHub

  • React

  • Java

  • HTML

  • Git

  • CSS


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A fun backend project, Pharmaci is an application that generates fictional pharmaceutical names for medications at the click of a button. Built with Javascript, Node, Express, MySQL, React Bootstrap, and React. Github

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Dainty Designz

A work in progress, Dainty Designz is an e-commerce site built with Javascript, React/Redux, Node, Express, Bootswatch, & MongoDB. Ultimately, it will feature user authentication, a fully functional checkout process, and admin screens. Github

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Tiny Home Helper

Completed with a team of three other developers, Tiny Home Helper is a platform designed for those interested in becoming a part of the Tiny Home movement. It features the ability to upload images as well as login as a guest to view all the resources needed for finding out how to build a tiny home. Technologies used include React/Redux, MaterialUI, Express, Firebase, MongoDB, and NodeJS. Github

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